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Visit Rotterdam in the best way possible: by going on an interactive Rotterdam walking tour designed as a city game. You’ll see the top tourist attractions in Rotterdam, but also a lot of hidden places and landmarks that only locals know about. Created by locals, each self-guided Rotterdam walking tour has a specific theme and will take you on a fascinating game-like mission. 

You will follow clues, solve riddles and challenges that will unlock amazing local stories. Come play in the streets and buildings of Rotterdam. Follow clues and complete challenges to discover amazing and peculiar architecture, one of the most popular harbors, the famous cubic houses, the legends of the city and many more. Play Rotterdam a visit with a quest! to get a taste of Rotterdam. 

Our Rotterdam tours are available in English. Book a tour now and discover the fascinating Rotterdam!

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glenn de block


It was definitly a good way to explore Rotterdam. I think the hints could be a little bit better as well as the descripted direction.
Would do it again!


Traveling aline this was a very good way to see the city. I stopped at eaxh point to expand on the location


Nice walk around the city with historical information. The last clue is not available anymore.


I really liked the quest. At 1 point due to reconstruction you couldn't get to the hint. Alex helped out in 5 minutes. Great way to explore the city.

marc goffin

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