Game of Families: Fight for Power in Siena

Quest Ratings: 5/5
4 people played this quest

CREATED BY Questo Team

Salimbeni and Tolomei are the two families fighting to gain the power of Siena. But what they don’t know is that another family is out to get them.

That family is Terazzini. They choose to stay out of the spotlight and poke the two families to start a war against each other. You are a Terazzini fighting for your family’s cause. Find out secrets about the two families that you can use to harm them. 
9.99 EUR

About this quest:

  • LENGTH: 2.0 km
  • DURATION: 1h:06m
  • PLAY TIME: you can start and stop the quest whenever you want
  • REFUND POLICY: easy cancellation up to 24h before playing the quest

Good to Know

  • Pet Friendly
  • You need only one phone for a group of 1-5 people


  • 1st place suzanne_baker 2277 POINTS
  • 2nd place patrick_durston 2117 POINTS
  • 3rd place nancy_baker 2000 POINTS
  • 4th place radu_butnara_u1 100 POINTS
  • 5th place gaia_migliorini 100 POINTS



It was fun and we got to explore new places and things.

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