The Wizards of London: Ozin, the Dark Magic Master

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Inhale. Pause. Close your eyes. What just happened? A second ago you were holding her hand. You can still feel the smell of her tangerine blossom hair, as if she just left your side. A shiver goes down your spine. Where is she? Where is Aylin? You are Theodgar, a powerful Wizard who chose to live among Humans and protect them. You are the Godfather of Aylin, a very special human, and the two of you were on a mission to stop the Last Prophecy of the Mighty Sorcerer: Ozin, the Dark Magic Master will rise to power. His Army of Evil will then rule both the world of Humans as well as the world of Wizards.
Aylin’s father, a dear friend of yours, died many years ago fighting Ozin, who has never stopped trying to ruin our worlds. As a legacy of her Father, she is now the Keeper of the Runas of Time – a set of 7 stones of magical powers. 
If there was a door between Ozin’s Realm and ours, the Runas would be the key. You now understand why Aylin is essential to your mission. But with her vanishing, you may just have to witness the Prophecy become true. Unless you find Aylin. Fast. 


Westminster Station
10B Bridge St, Westminster, London SW1A 2JR, UK


  1. Trafalgar Square
  2. Horse Guards Parade
  3. Cecil Court
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