Meșteșuguri la Comana

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CREATED BY Questo Team

Va invitam sa descoperiti Ansamblul Moara de hartie – Satul mestesugurilor din Comana, un loc unic, dedicat mestesugurilor creative. Suntem un spatiu de sinergie intre oameni, mestesuguri si arta. Credem cu tarie intr-o Romanie creativa ce isi trage seva din valorile satului traditional romanesc!

About this quest:

  • LENGTH: 1.0 km
  • DURATION: :55m
  • PLAY TIME: you can start and stop the quest whenever you want
  • REFUND POLICY: easy cancellation up to 24h before playing the quest

Good to Know

  • Kids friendly


  • 1st place Alexandra Jantea 2800 POINTS
  • 2nd place bogdan dumitrescu1 2786 POINTS

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