Discover the city in the heart of Romania

3.7 km 1h 24m 4.3
Explore Brasov and discover its history in a two-hour and a half walk around the city. Solve the clues of the quest and learn the stories and legends of the Crown City. This quest starts at Livada Postei and from there it will guide you to see the most beautiful places in which you can take pictures.


Livada Postei
Strada Mureșenilor 27, Brașov 500026, Romania

  • vlad3 3690 PT
  • marin_voicila 3689 PT
  • alin_stanca 3391 PT
  • catalinhi 3265 PT
  • adrian_gabriel_cora 3051 PT


"Putin mai greu la prima provocare, cladirea mentionata in intrebare este in renovare si mai greut de depistat. FOARTE REUSITA APLICATIA !! Trezeste exploratorul din tine! ????"


"O aventura pe cinste!"




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