Defend the fortress of Brasov (part II)

3.0 km 2h 22m 5.0
Continue your mission started in the first part.

A scout soldier who has just reached Catherine’s Gate (Poarta Ecaterina) has passed on the news that the enemies are approaching. Getting the city ready for assault is now a must and your mission is to let all those in charge of its defence know what you’ve just found out. The bastions and defence towers are the most important places on your go-to list.


Sergiana Restaurant
Strada Mureșenilor 27, Brașov, Romania

  • Shikaka 2374 PT
  • RzvCS 2332 PT
  • arina_cristescu 2317 PT
  • teo_stn 2314 PT
  • iulia_gabriela 2269 PT

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