Escape from East Berlin in 1984

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It's 1984 and you're trapped in East Berlin.All your family has escaped on the other side of the wall and the only news you got from them is a letter with a poem you received from your brother a few days ago.Before leaving, he promised you he'll help you escape too, so now you think that the letter is the key for that.Go on a quest to unlock the secrets of the letter and return to your family. Be careful who you trust along the way. So many people try to escape the East, but very few are successful. You must be crazy, but it's only crazy until you do it.


S+U Postdamer Platz (Leipziger Platz)
Leipziger Pl. 8, 10117 Berlin, Germany


  1. Checkpoint Charlie
  2. Brandenburg Gate
  • mathis 3148 PT
  • christian_wegner 2855 PT
  • xavier_garcia 2662 PT
  • francesco_barbati 2468 PT
  • claudiu_petria 2272 PT

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