Amsterdam's lost treasure: The Diamonds of Medusa

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You are Hendrix, Son of the Captain of the “Medusa”, one of the most prolific commercial ships of the Dutch East India Company. 3 days ago, the Medusa, along with all its crew members and contents, sank into the freezing waters of the North Sea. A letter has arrived yesterday from your father, sent just before his ship set sail from South Africa a week ago. Your father feared he would never reach Dutch land again, and, unfortunately, he was right. His letter mentions he was carrying a shipment of precious diamonds for his Majesty the King, which he knew someone else was after. He knew he was in danger. You must now find out what happened to the diamonds. You have your father’s letter with you. It includes precious clues which he trusted you can decipher. 


Amsterdam Centraal
Stationsplein 29, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands


  1. Oude Kerk
  2. Rembrandt house
  3. East Indian Company Headquarters
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"It was a good way to discover a city I already knew a bit. A nice story of ancient times leading you to places in town you might not have been before."


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