How to Create a Quest?

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Then, go to the section of your country, search for your city/museum and select it. If you can't find your city/museum on our platform, please write us at:
A location can be:
- a physical place in the city: a house, a park, a restaurant, a wall etc
- a physical object in a museum: a statue, a painting, a tool etc

Before adding a location, check on the existing list of locations to see if it's already added. By doing this, you will avoid adding a duplicate location.

If your location hasn't been added on our platform, please add it by clicking on the Add location button. You can find it on left side of the screen (as seen in the attached image)

To add a location, you must first pin it on the map, then edit its details
The stories of a quest are very important and therefore you can't finish creating a quest without adding a story for each location.

To add a story you have two options.
- First, you can add them anytime by selecting the Stories tab, then click on the add story button
- Second, you can click on the create quest button, add your locations and clues to connect them, and afterwards add a story for each location.

For each story, you will have to edit the following:
- Story title
- Story description (no more than 1500 characters)
- Character (people related to the story. eg. if it's a story about Madonna, add Madonna as a character). This field is optional!
- Story type (eg. legend, historical fact, urban legend, interesting fact, fun fact etc). This field is optional!
- Time (period relevant to the action of the story). This field is optional!
For creating a quest, you need to have a minimum of 5 locations added in your city/museum.

After this requirement is met, you can click the Create a quest button to start, then complete the following:
- add a title for your quest
- add your quest locations in order
- add a clue for each location

Each clue contains the following:
- clue type (the only option available at the moment is Text)
- clue text (this is a task/mission, which has to be solved by the explorer in order to get to the location)
- extra clue (a support task/mission which helps the user solve the main clue)
- correct answers for your clue (add all possible answers for your clue. Separate them with commas)
- estimated time for solving the clue (add the time in minutes)