Münsterbrücke 8001, 8001 Zürich, Elveția

While in medieval Zurich, there were wooden bridges that linked the two banks of the Limmat river crossing the city, things changed in the 19th century. Over the years, as the population of Zurich grew, the wooden bridges were no longer strong or big enough to support the traffic. So, the municipality switched to stone bridges. Münsterbrücke is one of the most famous bridges made of stone. Münsterbrücke dates back to 1838 and is now a pedestrian bridge. After almost 200 years after its construction, it has kept its beauty and endurance. Today, only 3 trams are allowed to cross it. If you want to cross Münsterbrücke and see some of the best Zurich attractions, check out our unique Zurich walking tour.

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