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Questo walking tours & city games: the best way to discover Tilburg

Visit Tilburg in the best way possible: by going on an interactive walking tour around town designed as a city game. You’ll see the top tourist attractions in Tilburg, but also a lot of hidden places and landmarks that only locals know about.

You will be amazed by Kruikinnen en Kruiken, Tilburgsche Spaarbank, Heikese Kerk, the statue of Willem II, and many more attractions. Walk around Tilburg Centraal and Paleis-Raadhuis to get a taste of Tilburg.

Created by locals, each interactive walking tour in Tilburg has a specific theme and will take you on a fascinating game-like mission. You will follow clues, solve riddles and challenges that will unlock amazing local stories. For example, you will learn amazing stories and legends about the city, the people living here and go on treasure hunts that will show you the real face of Tilburg.

The walking tours in Tilburg are available in English. Book a tour now and discover the fascinating Tilburg!

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