Spy Mission in Rotterdam: Self-Guided Tour & City Game

Quest rating: 4.5/5
200 people played this quest
Length: 3.0 km
Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes


Play a city game and go on a Rotterdam walking tour where you will follow clues to discover amazing places and local stories.

On this Rotterdam tour, walk in the city center where you will see the Unbroken Opposition Monument, Stadhuis Rotterdam, Schaakstukken Museum and many more hidden places and iconic landmarks.

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9.99 EUR
9.99 EUR

About this quest:

  • LENGTH: 3.0 km
  • DURATION: 1 hour 32 minutes
  • PLAY TIME: you can start and stop the quest whenever you want
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest


  • Visit the oldest and most beautiful port in Rotterdam 
  • Discover the cubic houses and other amazing architectural styles 
  • Shop at the most impressive market you've ever seen

Good to Know

  • You need internet connection for playing
  • This tour has 8 clues to solve


You are Agent Questo, the country's most capable secret agent.

Today, you will face a new challenge as you received the mission to find and expose a group of spies who found shelter in Rotterdam. You have to go around the city to collect new intelligence and complete your top-secret mission.

Can you do it?

What people say about
Spy Mission in Rotterdam: Self-Guided Tour & City Game

celine van der nest

Loved it, such a nice tour of the city

an dehaerne

The routeplanner wasn't always clear.


I loved seeing all the different places in Rotterdam but I had to use google maps a lot to help me find all the places.


I really liked the quest. At 1 point due to reconstruction you couldn't get to the hint. Alex helped out in 5 minutes. Great way to explore the city.


It was very fun to do and we learned a lot during the quest. There werent any very long distances, which made it more fun and less tiring! The weather wasnt in out favour, which dampened the excitement a little. Very fun to do and would recommend


Pretty easy questions and everything is in english instead of dutch and there's no option tot switch



  • 1st place hans kemper 2500 POINTS
  • 2nd place claire dhont 2500 POINTS
  • 3rd place austin 2389 POINTS
  • 4th place eric jan hagoort 2359 POINTS
  • 5th place johanna de mont 2348 POINTS
  • 6th place juliette1 2273 POINTS

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Play the Spy Mission in Rotterdam: Self-Guided Tour & City Game quest and discover these attractions and their stories