Le Passe Muraille

19 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France

The statue that seems to go walk walls is a monument that represents the protagonist of a short story published in 1941 called ”The passer-through-walls” which is the English translation of this Montmartre attraction. The main character in this story is a man who has a superpower - he can walk through walls. The man uses his power for evil as he becomes a thief that attacks banks and jewelry stores leaving a signature “The Lone Wolf”. Ultimately, he uses his powers for good - he keeps company to a woman who is locked every night in her bedroom by a very possessive and jealous husband. The two fall in love. One night, our superhero takes a pill for his headache and just like that his superpower vanishes. In the end, the two lovers escape from the bedroom they have been locked in and live happily ever after.

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