Origins of Popular Japanese Foods in Osaka Tour & Exploration Game

9.99 EUR Per group up to 4

Origins of Popular Japanese Foods in Osaka Tour & Exploration Game

Length: 3.0 km
Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes

CREATED BY Alexandra Baranyi

* QUEST IN TESTING MODE. The quest is still in testing mode, and you might experience some problems. If you do, please let us know, it would help us greatly. Thank you!

Play a city game in the heart of Osaka and discover the changes that the city has been through from the Edo period to present. Don’t forget, Osaka is the heaven of food, so you’re going to see a lot of peculiar dishes along the way and we suggest you try some of them.

Are you ready for time travel in the nation’s kitchen?
9.99 EUR Per group up to 4
    Alexandra Baranyi
  • 3.0 km
    1 hour 6 minutes
  • Tour available in: English
  • After booking, follow the instructions you receive by e-mail for playing this city game & walking tour.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest

Tour Highlights

Discover the history of Dotonbori in a fun, interactive way.

Find out curious facts about the most delicious cuisine in the heart of Kansai area.

Learn about the rituals at Japanese temples.

Starting point

Ebisu Bridge

Know before you go

  • Tour available in: English
  • A single booking unlocks the quest on 4 different devices
  • Best during day
  • Instagrammable


You’re an old merchant from the 18th century, Edo period, coming by boat from a far-away village to purchase the newest goods on the market in order to sell them in your region. 

The Dotonbori area is well-known all over Japan as the heaven of food: the home of all sorts of dishes and products you never thought could exist. But on your journey, a strong storm catches you on the sea. Miraculously, you survive, but when you wake up, you find yourself 300 years in the future, to the present day. 

Now, you must find a new way home, but remember that you should also take with you some of the delicious food you will find.

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