Haunted London Walking Tour and City Game: Ghosts and Horror Stories

19.99 10.00 EUR Per group up to 4

Haunted London Walking Tour and City Game: Ghosts and Horror Stories

Length: 3.0 km
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


Go on a quest around the haunted parts of London by solving clues that will unlock frightening local stories.

On this haunted London walking tour, you will use a mobile app that works as your personal guide during this interactive exploration game.

Are you ready to see the scary face of London?
19.99 10.00 EUR Per group up to 4
  • LENGTH: 3.0 km
  • DURATION: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Quest available in the following languages: English
  • After booking, follow the instructions you receive by e-mail for playing this city game & walking tour.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest

Starting point

Bond Street Station

Know before you go

  • Tour available in: English
  • A single booking unlocks the quest on 4 different accounts
  • Charge your phone's battery before playing
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • You need internet data for playing


There are few places in the world more mysterious and full of strange events than London.

Prepare to enter the land of the inexplicable to discover its frightening stories on this haunted exploration game.

Each clue will lead you from one place to another, giving you exact directions, so you won’t need a map or GPS. When you solve it and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked.

Are you ready for a haunted London tour?

Customer reviews

based on 3 reviews
mel kiesel level

Should be able to share with an other phone the game (during it) - be able to have more clue than one (and each time loose points)

tony smith

All of it!!

tomas jelinek

Nice places but quests are filled with need review notes. The app is also buggy and we misses part of story because the resume quest went to clue instead of story. You can do better for the price


  • 1st place emma6 3804 POINTS
  • 2nd place tony smith 3695 POINTS
  • 3rd place v y 3680 POINTS
  • 4th place nick bender 3540 POINTS
  • 5th place stephen 3463 POINTS
  • 6th place tomas jelinek 3460 POINTS

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