Palazzo Vecchietti

Via degli Strozzi, 2, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Palazzo Vecchietti will surprise you. While most palaces were inhabited by rulers or noblemen and are full of expensive decorations and works of art, this atypical palace is an exception to the rule. The Vecchietti were a family of fur merchants that lived during the 16th century. Even though being a merchant in those days got them a lot of wealth, the family lived a more or less regular life. That’s why they did not decorate their home as royal families would decorate their palaces. Today, the palace hosts a bank on ground floor and a nice hotel bearing the same name at the upper stories. So, you can even stay here during your trip to Florence. Besides its beauty and elegance, Palazzo Vecchietti is known for a special symbol you can see on the side of the building. It’s a flag with a gargoyle or devil on it that reminds locals of the Potenze Festeggianti tradition. In Renaissance times, local companies would compete against each other showing their products and skills. During these special shows, locals would enjoy great food, performances, and music. The best way to see Palazzo Vecchietti and learn about its connection to Dante Aligheri is to go on a Florence tour with Questo.

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