Union Square, Bucharest

Piata Unirii, Bucuresti

Rebuilt during the communist era as the “Victory of Socialism Boulevard”, Union Square was a symbol of power meant to reinforce the authority of Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator. The Union boulevard starts in front of the Palace of Parliament and stops at what is today the biggest fountain in the country. From the beginning, the boulevard was decorated with fountains. However, in 2018, as a commemoration of the Great Romanian Unification from 1918, the mayor of Bucharest restored them into something that really creates a show of water, lights, and music. The show starts after 7 pm during spring, summer, and autumn and lasts for about an hour. Nowadays, the square represents the city center where most of the city’s districts meet and is considered to be one of the busiest places with both locals and tourists. If you want to fully experience Union Square, learn stories about it, and see other important attractions in Bucharest, make sure to check out our walking tours of Bucharest.

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