Palace of Parliament

Piața Revoluției 1a, București 030167, Romania

The Palace of Parliament also known as People’s Palace is the seat of the Parliament of Romania. It is widely known as the biggest administrative and civil building in the world because of its dimensions, annual expenses, and costs of construction. The communist ruler of Romania, Nicolae Ceaușescu, ordered the construction of an impressive administrative building and the remodeling of the city after a North Korean model he admired. The architect who had the honor to be in charge was a 28 years old female, Anca Petrescu. The process of raising such a massive building was tedious and took over 12 years to complete. The construction started in June 1984 and was finished in 1996, after the 1989 Revolution. TO build People’s Palace, Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, demolished an entire neighborhood, Uranus, along with many churches (the communists had a thing against religion) and a hospital. After creating enough space to build the Palace, its construction began, and so were the work accidents. The legends say that many people died on the site and their spirits haunt the staff who wear uniforms during the night asking for salvation. We don’t know if the legends are true, but we surely know this majestic building deserves a bit more attention when visiting Bucharest. If you want to learn more about the Palace of Parliament and visit the best tourist attractions in the capital of Romania, check out Bucharest walking tours.

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