Manuc's Inn (Hanul lui Manuc)

Hanul lui Manuc, București 030167, Romania

At one of the entrances in the famous Old Town of Bucharest, you will find a big white building that will remind you of the old days, of the legends you heard from your grandparents or you read in the history books. Manuc’s Inn is a hotel-restaurant dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was built by Manuc Mârzaian, an Armenian merchant forced to move here because of the war in his country. The building served as an inn, a place where merchants stayed overnight to regain forces for their long journey. The inn’s role was kept over the centuries, and even events were held here - ballrooms, conferences, and important historical decisions (such as joining the war in 1916 to unite the provinces of the country). This monument is still operating as a hotel and restaurant so make sure to stop and grab a bite to eat here. If you want to learn more stories about Bucharest as well as see the top and hidden attractions, make sure to go on one of our self-guided Bucharest tours.

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