CEC Palace

Calea Victoriei 13, București 030022, Romania

The CEC Palace is a beautiful imposing building you don’t want to miss while wandering visiting Bucharest. Built at the end of the 19th century, was built by a French architect like many other important buildings in this city once known as Little Paris. It is said that a former 15th-century church stood here before the palace, but because it was in a bad shape, it was demolished. Legends say that a lot of sick people have been miraculously cured in this church. An interesting fact about the architecture of the CEC Palace is related to the five domes - four of them are placed in the corners, while the fifth in the center, covering the grand hallway. The domes were not built only for the esthetics, but for the distribution of the sound: this form helped the sound move vertically, rather than horizontally. This movement of the sound was very important for the security of personal information - while people were talking at the counter, their information was not overheard by others. To learn more about the CEC Palace and the histories it hides, go on one of tour Bucharest walking tours.

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