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Quest rating: 4.5/5
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Length: 3.5 km
Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes


Play an Amsterdam city game and go on a Red Light District walking tour where you will follow clues to discover amazing places and local stories.

On this Amsterdam walking tour, you will walk along the Amsterdam canals and you will visit the Weeping Tower, Oude Kerk, the Dutch East India Company Headquarters and many more.

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9.99 EUR

About this quest:

  • LENGTH: 3.5 km
  • DURATION: 1 hour 33 minutes
  • PLAY TIME: you can start and stop the quest whenever you want
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest


  • Discover popular and lesser-known places in Amsterdam
  • Visit the places where Rembrandt used to hang out
  • Find out fascinating stories and legends about Dutch sailors
  • Discover a secret church in the Red Light District

Good to Know

  • You can go on this tour while riding a bicycle
  • This tour has 9 clues to solve
  • You need internet connection for playing


You are Hendrix, Son of the Captain of the “Medusa”, one of the most prolific commercial ships of the Dutch East India Company.

3 days ago, the Medusa, along with all its crew members and contents, sank into the freezing waters of the North Sea. A letter has arrived yesterday from your father, sent just before his ship set sail from South Africa a week ago.

Your father feared he would never reach Dutch land again, and, unfortunately, he was right. His letter mentions he was carrying a shipment of precious diamonds for his Majesty the King, which he knew someone else was after. He knew he was in danger.

You must now find out what happened to the diamonds. You have your father’s letter with you. It includes precious clues which he trusted you can decipher.

What people say about
Amsterdam's Red Light District Tour & City Game | Without a Guide

kristin h

Ist gut um die Altstadt kennenzulernen.


Great and different way to explore a city
The way was nice and didn’t take us through the busy streets in the first half of the tour. The information given on the sights were great and didn’t contain too much information. The idea is good in general. I just would have liked a different ending ;)


Leuke activiteit!
Leuke activiteit om een gedeelte van Amsterdam te zien waar je normaal Gesproken met winkelen niet komt.
Leuk met kinderen om te doen!


It was a good way to discover a city I already knew a bit. A nice story of ancient times leading you to places in town you might not have been before.

krys lzd

Just an amazing game helping us discover nice places of Amsterdam

darlene dilla

Very nice. We saw things we wouldn't otherwise - and with a different perspective.



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  • 6th place frank2 2589 POINTS

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Play the Amsterdam's Red Light District Tour & City Game | Without a Guide quest and discover these attractions and their stories