Discover haunted places in Rome & their terrifying stories

Haunted Cover

If you’re a local or plan to visit Rome soon, you might want to place the dark side of the city on your list of top things to do and see while here.

A city with thousands of years of civilization and controversial deaths was bound to become a suitable host for hundreds of cursed spirits, some more famous than others. Rome is now swarming with people that have supposedly come back from the dead to get revenge on their killers, to be together with their families again or to just wander aimlessly, having lost the last train to the other side.

All the stories of these people and of the places they haunt were gathered and transformed into a game of city exploration.

Haunted Rome – The city exploration game

Questo, the city exploration game, has launched a new trail around the city of Rome, where you discover haunted buildings and squares by following clues that take you from a place to another. When you get to a new location, you receive a haunted story in the app, about the before-and-after death ‘adventures’ of the person who used to live or work there.

Along this haunted tour, you’ll find the story of the most prolific executioner in Rome, you’ll discover the church of chained spirits, you’ll meet the woman who was cursed to lose her hands and you will find out many other stories of the people who lived and died in those places.

What you need in order to explore the Haunted Rome:

A guide won’t be necessary to go visit these haunted places. Just download the Questo app for free from here, select ‘Haunted Rome’ and follow the directions you receive in the.

For bonus courage points: Challenge your friends and walk through the Haunted Rome at night!


Questo is a real-life exploration game where you follow clues and do small challenges to discover new locations and find out their stories. It was awarded by for the social impact created and it was named Best Travel App at the eTravel Awards in 2017. People describe it as a mix of treasure hunting, escape rooms, Amazing Race and urban challenges.

Explore Bucharest’s Old Town with a real-world city exploration game

Villacrosse Passage

The Old Town is maybe the most picturesque area of the city, and serves as the focal point for tourists who visit Bucharest and want to have a good time at night. One of the lesser-known aspects of it, though, is the potential it has for daytime exploring.

So if you’re in Bucharest and you’re looking for things to do during the day, try a new kind of tour of the Old Town.

You can discover ancient churches, inns and streets, you can visit museums along the way, and you can find out stories such as of the Great Fire of Bucharest, or the legend of the 123-day long Roman party that happened here.

What to do when you visit Bucharest

The most interesting hidden stories and the most popular places in Bucharest’s Old Town can all be found with a city exploration game.

You can access it very simply, through Questo, the app that helps you guide yourself around the city, by following clues, while offering never-told-before stories about the places you visit. These are all part of a quest, a mission of discovery. The places and stories were created by local contributors and guides.

This specific quest is called The Old Town Treasure, and it’s focused on finding the most sought treasure of Bucharest. Some people have written books about it, others have dedicated ballads and entire poems. Romanians even made it the main theme of their hymn. The lost treasure of Bucharest is the most precious thing Romania has ever owned. Go search for it and see for yourself.

The quest starts in Piata Unirii, on the bridge over the river Dambovita, next to Starbucks, and it usually takes about an hour and a half to complete. Go find it in the app.

What Is Quest Writing and How Can It Make You Money

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft Castle and Wizardry

If you’re a hobbyist writer, a content writer, a copywriter, a blogger or a passionate storyteller, here’s how you can earn more money / a passive income by doing what you love.

That’s if you love to travel and play games. But who doesn’t?

We’re introducing a new kind of content generation that can earn you short and long-term income. It involves writing fictional or real stories about your favourite places in the city.

These stories will earn you an initial guaranteed payment upon completion and, here’s the best part, future income from the future use of the content.

Think stock-images-type licenses, but for stories.

If you’re looking for a break from writing blog posts, articles, product descriptions, reviews or tiresome brand content, come and use your imagination for something new, and make money while at it.

How to earn money from quest writing

Your city and its people have amazing stories that few people know. Even though they walked by or visited them in the past.

Questo is a city exploration game which reveals these stories while playing around.

By following clues and solving challenges, you get to discover old and new places in town, indoor or outdoor, and get rewarded with their hidden or unknown stories.

All these are wrapped in a new content form called a quest, a mission of discovery.

And you can write quests too. Quite easily.

These quests are sold to locals and travelers, and you’ll also receive a percentage of the earnings, besides the initial guaranteed payment after you finish it.

How to write a quest

If you have interesting places in mind, and know where you can find stories about them, you’re half way there already.

Also, if you want your quest to be 100% fictional, you can make up your own stories and just connect them with existent places in the city (indoor or outdoor).

STEP 1: Theme/concept writing

What you need to think of first is a concept/a theme. This is the central piece of your quest, and you must follow it from beginning to end. This concept can revolve around a character, which the explorer plays as.

A quest concept can be ‘The haunted city’, where you’re a ghost hunter trying to find a spirit by visiting all the haunted places in town.

Another one can be ‘Find the treasure’, where you’re an adventurer trying to get rich fast while scorching through the city in search of a treasure.

You can be a time traveller that landed inside a museum and now has to find a secret artefact that he has to return home.

Or you can be a detective who’s looking to find a robber by following clues left behind.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

STEP 2: Discovering locations and writing clues

After you choose a concept, you have to pick out fitting locations.

If you’re doing a ‘ghosts and spirits’ concept, you’re looking for haunted houses and creepy alleys. If you’re thinking of a ‘treasure hunt’, you can choose really old buildings which can hide such riches. You get the idea.

These locations should be reached by following directional clues that end with a question or a riddle.

You will receive a Complete Creators Guide that walks you through the entire content writing process, step-by-step.

STEP 3: Writing stories

You have the concept, you know the locations, and you prepared the clues. Now, it’s time for writing stories.

They can be real or fictional. The real ones can be about the history of the building, the life stories of people who lived or still live there or about interesting event that happened there.

When it comes to writing the fictional ones, the road is clear. But keep in mind that you need to write a concept and stories that can make you money, so they must be appealing to the public: popular or intriguing subjects/themes. Remember to write with that in mind.

The platform:

During these steps, you are helped by an online platform where you are guided step-by-step and where you can save everything you write and research.

It’s called Creators Room and here’s where you can talk to the Questo team and other creators like you, to share thoughts and ideas, or just ask for feedback.

Writing a quest that makes you money

The most important attribute of the quest you write is the concept/theme.

As long as you attract the people with an intriguing subject, they will want to do your quest, and maybe even more created by you (your name or alias will be displayed in the app).

Closely connected to the concept/theme you write about is the location. If you attach a ‘detective penguin’ concept to a natural history museum, it’s more appealing.

If you want to write scary stories, you need to take people around old, abandoned buildings, and weird little roads.

And then there’s the story writing.

Your concept should translate into memorable stories, which make people say ‘I can’t believe this happened here’ or ‘It’s amazing what people used to do then’.

Keep these in mind and your quest will make you money long-term.

How much can you earn from writing a quest

For every quest you publish in the app you’ll an initial payment plus a future shared commission for each transaction (the quest will remain in the app indefinitely). To learn more about the payment, please write us at explore (at)

Your total earnings depend on the interest your concept attracts and the quest’s location. For more details about earnings, contact the Questo team at ‘explore at questoapp .com’.

Questo is available everywhere in the world

The app launched in several countries around Europe already and it is available everywhere in the world, so anyone can create a quest anywhere.

Questo was awarded by for the social impact it creates and it was named Best Travel App at eTravel Awards.

Where to start?

If you already have a quest in mind that you want to write, contact us at ‘explore (at) questoapp .com’ and we’ll get started.

Discovering the best places to visit in Brasov – Questo Blog

Cetatea Brasovului

Here are I am again visiting Brasov, the “City of the Crown”, for the 10th time (maybe more). Once again I realize I am lost without the GPS. And the only part of the city I am familiar with is the central pedestrian street. And I live in Romania. I should be more accustomed to the city by now. Please believe me when I say that, for the past half of a year, each time I got to Brasov, I used Questo. Always hoping to discover new places in Brasov.

Why visit Brasov?

I’m guessing you already know about this beautiful city in the heart of Romania. And, probably, you’ve already seen some photos from there.

The pedestrian centre is the main attraction, but there is much more to it. There is so much history surrounding there areas (literally), that it is truly a waste if you don’t walk on those narrow streets.

So there I was, feeling weird, because I knew there was much more to the city than meets the eye, but had no idea where to start.

Even my parents know Brasov better than I do. So that’s why I needed help. I wanted to explore more of the lesser-known parts of the city, because I don’t want to have the same pictures as everyone else.

Exploring Brasov and its stories like a local, with Questo

I realized this was not going to be easy since I have no friends in Brasov. Ok, so that was my task: Discover how to find out more about this beautiful city, in a fun and entertaining way.

Questo does that for you! “What is Questo?” you might ask. Questo is a real-life exploration game. Sounds like lots of fun (and it is).

I had to use Google maps to get to the starting point (which wasn’t as easy as I thought), but once I finally found the place, everything was going smooth. That’s if you get the subtle hints and directions of the quest. I was checking both versions (Romanian and English) to make sure I got it right. But then again, my scavenger hunt skills are not something to brag about.

The quests are brilliantly made and do not depend on the weather, time or anything else than the public places of the city. It so happened that the most famous street in the city was closed for restoration that day, and for the next months to come.

I had to go round the block to get to the other end of the street and I was on ‘challenge mode’ quest (aka the timed version, where the best quest times get on the leaderboard). That was the moment I knew I wasn’t going to make it in the top 5.

No worries, I wasn’t going to give up. A traveller is not giving up. And I am so glad I didn’t, because the places included in the quest were unknown to me before. I loved it. And as much as I love walking and exploring, I dislike walking in the sun. (The sun is not good for the skin, you should know that and always wear sunscreen.)

Questo (and the sun) made me move faster with my exploring. Of course, it’s not just the quest, it’s the entire experience and the journey through time and the city, which can open new perspectives over the things you can do in Brasov, or any other city featured in the Questo app.

I wasn’t sure before this Questo exploration game if Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, but now I know. It sure is. And I cannot wait to go back and finish the other quests.

Some months ago, I started the first quest and couldn’t finish it as it started raining. Told you the weather won’t care. I am sure I will find all the historical stories I never knew about in those quests. And… what else is there to do? The other overcrowded places are already marked on Google maps.

Is Questo for you? Should you use it to visit Brasov?

If you are like me: adventurous, hate sticking to travel groups or human travel guides and like to take things into your own hands (others call us ‘control freaks), then the answer is YES!

The pace is all up to the user, and it is the perfect activity for couples or a small group of friends. Had tons of fun while searching for the clues and answers.

Now, I’m looking forward to doing more quests in other places too, as there are over 70 different ones, in 4 countries.

Have you been doing any quests lately? *wink, wink*, let the Questo team know about a story of a new city and they just might create a new quest. Or better yet, you can create your own (which you can sell to users).

Here is a short video I made during this quest, just to get the feel of it (trust me, it was hot outside):

I’m Julia, and this was my story, together with Questo in Brasov. Want to read more of my experiences? Find me at

The Questo players have circled the Earth


You did it! You completed so many quests, and explored for so long, that you could have circled the Earth by now! Exactly, that’s 40.075 km – and counting.

That means thousands of clues followed, challenges completed, new locations discovered and unknown stories read.

You discovered details about the lives of the rich and famous, spicy gossip about ancient and contemporary public figures, little known facts about imposing or hidden buildings, and many, many more.

You fought mythical creatures, you saved cities from harmful spies, you got spooked in haunted parts of towns, you followed a penguin in an adventure, and played like a pro all along.

We want to thank everyone for playing this world exploration game of ours. And we appreciate all the time and effort put in by the quest creators, who started as players and then chose to be quest architects themselves.

Questo is just getting started, so keep an eye on us for future features and quests soon to be launched.
And don’t forget to, once again, Play Your City a Visit!

Things to do in Constanta while at the Neversea festival

constanta casino

Music fans around Europe are invited to the second edition of the already famous Neversea festival, the sister event of Untold, another musical phenomenon.

This year, if you visit Constanta, Neversea promises to travel to uncharted territories of entertainment, with even more artists, memorable shows and other exciting things to do on the welcoming beach of Constanta.

Those who have attended last year already know that the land of Neversea offers everything you need for a few days of freedom on this enchanted island. Starting from all the musical experiences you can enjoy, to surprising drink mixes or taste-bending dishes, a day spent here covers most of your needs.

But the full Neversea experience also includes the wonderful city of Constanta, surrounding the Neversea realms with its iconic touristic attractions and city escape activities.

We asked our local contributors in Constanta which are the top 5 things to do when visiting for the first time, and this is what they recommend.


Bacaro Port

My personal favorite restaurant has to be Bacaro Port, located in the Tomis Harbor. It offers a large range of dishes, from sea food to pasta. The restaurant is perfect for design enthusiasts – tasteful interior setting and wonderful plating. Also, the view at sunset is quite something. You can find the restaurant here. – Alexandra

La Scoica

La Scoica is the place you are looking for if you’re with your friends and you’re starving. They are known for their special XXL Pizza (only two X’s don’t do it justice) and the low prices. Of course, their menu has a variety of italian and romanian dishes, from chicken dishes to sea food and desserts. You can find them all here.

– Recommended by Alexandra


Arabica the Coffee Shop

One of the places I usually choose when looking for a strong coffee is Arabica the Coffee Shop. Located in the old city and close to the Tomis Harbor, it serves all types of coffee – Turkish, Italian, French, but specializes in strong flavors. Also, they serve tea and hot chocolate, Romanian craft beers and cocktails.

Haute Cup

Quite close to the first one you can also find Haute Cup. This place leans towards the “industrial” style. It also serves a decent selection of coffee, hot or cold. They also serve snacks, such as muffins, banana bread or sandwiches, before lunch. In the evening, it switches to a bar with wine and cocktails. They are right here.

– Recommended by Costin



Tomis Mall is just a 15 minutes walk away from Neversea Beach. If you forgot your sunglasses at home, or you just need to get something fast to eat, this is the place. It also has a cinema, for those who would rather stay in and watch a movie. Just in case you have some spare time to go shopping, they are open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 and this is where you can find them.


You can find the aquarium right in front of the Constanta Casino. It’s open daily from 9:00 to 20:00, and the admission ticket for students is just 5 lei (1 euro), while for adults is 20 lei (4 euro).

acvariu constanta

– Recommended by Silvia

Sightseeing with a free walking tour

At night, you marvel at the works of gods such as van Buuren, The Script or Steve Aoki. But your days could be filled with sightseeing – Constanta priding itself with impressive views along its shores and inside the old city.

You can visit the Constanta Mosque, on top of which you will discover spectacular panoramic views of the entire city (a very popular place for Instagrammers).

Or you can explore an even more instagrammable setting, that of Casino Constanta, an iconic place built in the art nouveau style. Once home to elite social classes, now it’s just an antique landmark visited by thousands of tourists every month.

Casino Constanta

These and many more top attractions (hand-picked and voted by locals) have been brought together in a free self-guided walking tour available without a guide (directly on your smartphone), through the Questo app. The tour follows the story of Neversea and takes you into an alternate reality, full of fantasy stories and characters, delivered on top of the main touristic attractions of Constanta, while walking in the city.

Whatever you choose to spend your days doing during the Neversea experience, remember to enjoy an epic sunrise on the beach together with your friends, it’s one of the most memorable moments Constanta has to offer.